Experts & Motivators: What is in it for me?
An 'expert' here is an individual with reasonable expertise & experience in his field and great passion to share and support youngsters of their native region. The role of expert is to share his/her expertise with student members and guide them to achieve their short and long term objectives. Experts are requested to mentor the EBU groups by sharing an idea to develop a marketable product or concept or deliver a simple customer requirement using the facilities provided by the institution.
It takes just two steps for you to become an Expert Member:
1. Register yourself with
2. Become a member of Face book group at
Nativelead provides an online-offline platform for you to excel your personal values as follows:
My Native: You may be living elsewhere in the Globe, yet your heart and soul may always roam around your native. Man is also a territorial animal by nature. Hence nativity is a natural attraction. Nativelead is a great opportunity for you to express your emotional bonding for your place of origin and to pay back to your native community. You will be doing a great patriotic service by sharing your rich experience and expertise with a group of youth and transforming their lives from followers to leaders, receivers to givers, admirers to achievers, mechanized to humanized. Thus building a fundamentally strong knowledge economy.
Network for a purpose: Nativelead works hard to provide a features packed online portal for effective interactions to happen. We are also trying to leverage the easy options available with existing social media networks to link resources effectively. Thus, spending a small part of your valuable time casually to guide young talents living in your native.
Enhance your Value: When you register yourself and engage with the first EBU group, you will be given the Title of ‘YoVe Guru’ and listed in the regional page of Nativelead’s web site. It will be a great privilege to become a YoVe Guru. Please remember that the team of mentors in this co-creation based platform is lead by a core team of highly reputed personalities (Refer Advisory Board Members).
Earnings: The platform provides you opportunities to earn good income by supporting the EBU groups. When you support a product or concept development, you will become part of the brand and IP ownership. These ventures may take you to greater heights if you are really passionate about the end objectives. You can also support the groups in providing solutions for their customer requirements and share a part of the revenue. Nativelead provides professional arrangements and agreements for a meaningful engagement by all concerned.
Become an Entrepreneur: You may be working somewhere, but your real thirst may be to become an entrepreneur and waiting for an opportunity. Nativelead may be your opportunity to test your guts. Involving in this platform as a technical expert will give you the exposure of entrepreneurship and who knows you may end up with starting a new venture.
Become an Innovator: Some of you may be working in an environment where you can’t expose your true potential and interest. Coming out of the shell may not be possible for many reasons. Nativelead is a great platform for such sleeping volcanoes. This platform can incubate your ideas and deliver your dream baby without you experiencing the pain. Once you experience the joy of creation the shell around you would automatically break and a Steve Jobs is born.
Recognition: When you make a big change with an EBU group, you will be honored with awards and excellent publicity. Even your smaller contributions will be recognized in a manner and such a system would improve your value in the corporate community.