Academies: What is in it for me?
Having a real-time corporate eco-system inside the campus without bothering much about the 'responsibility' of maintaining statutory requirements and still getting the exposure to all administrative systems & procedures.
Form multiple 'Enterprise Groups (Teams)' under the EBU and expose them to real-time corporate environment through which the students can practically understand and inculcate all the corporate skills by means of practical and interactive learning.
Most of the success stories of the western world like Google, Yahoo, Face book and numerous other innovations have come from academies and not large industries. Native Lead's ultimate dream is to create such an eco-system not only in IT but also in all other domains especially where there is a deep social need. One such big outcome will take your institution to greater heights. This is just the first step. Native Lead is strongly committed to the journey with unbreakable conviction.
Expose your students and staff members to the art of Innovation & Entrepreneurship by involving them in YoVe – IEM Lab and various other activities of the initiative.
The EBU will be working on producing tangible results in in-house Innovations and Entrepreneurship. Thus the academy can slowly but steadily balance the branding strategy from the present trend of 'placement records' to the futuristic trend of 'Innovations & Enterprises records'.
Getting business orders from various client segments and executing them with the help of companies and experts in the 'NLF Cloud'.
Complete management guidance and hand holding by professionals of YoVe parent center.
Integration of 'YoVe' units with external Academy partners is a unique model where the concept of co-creation would effectively synchronize powerful thoughts to produce positive results.
Identifying opportunities to enrich your Research & Development environment.
Nativelead may be the best and cost effective model available to bridge the industry academia gap.
Networking opportunities with companies, individual experts and all other co-creation stake holders of the Nativelead Cloud eco-system.
Opportunity to create intellectual properties in association with companies and individual experts.
Opportunity to provide the superior and unique exposure to their students.
The business model we create for the EBU will be minimal compared to what you can learn by following the guidelines with real passion and involvement.
The small but continuous media exposure on each of your achievement would slowly but steadily improve your reputation in your market place.
The NLF Cloud would include large number of MSME organizations and they account for the largest portion of Indian Industry. The EBU will be positioned as a strategic solution provider in select domains and if the track record is good each of the MSME clients would become the propaganda medium for your institution.
NLF Cloud would also involve Social Forums like Rotary and other similar organizations. Their members may encourage your students by giving business opportunities and also support the EDU by many other ways. Notable achievements by your institution would create a positive impact among their members about your academy.
NLF Cloud would also involve employees of private and government sector who could motivate and share ideas. The success stories of your institutions will have directly impact on them and such members would become strong brand ambassadors for your academy.
Nativelead runs various programs for the School sector. In the long run these sessions would feature mainly the case studies of our own success stories. When your academy has many stories to tell, it would create a positive vibration among your prospective young customers and their parents.
The foundation also runs various campaigns for parents of school children and college students for the purpose of creating them as motivators of their wards to become Innovators and Entrepreneurs. Positive case studies of your institutions will be used to achieve this objective which will build a positive image for your academy in their minds.
Continuous and involved engagement with Nativelead may turn out to be the most powerful and sustainable way to attract new admissions.